CFT navigation update

This work was done in partnership with Turton Middleton. I was approached by Turton Middleton to improved the navigation on the client’s website, previously the navigation had been done through a series of images coded into the HTML. It featured … Read More

Quick coding Tips: Textarea resizing in Safari/Chrome

Ever been annoyed that a Safari/Chrome user can resize a textarea on your page causing the layout to break? A simple fix is adding “resize:none” to your CSS. For example: textarea¬† { resize:none; } This will prevent any WebKit based … Read More

QBS UK Ltd. goes live

This work was done sub contracted by Turton Middleton. I was approached by Turton Middleton to do the front end coding of the site (CSS and HTML) and convert it into a fully working WordPress theme. The finished website can … Read More

Quick coding tips: Minimum height in IE6

As you may be aware the CSS property min-height unfortunately doesn’t work in IE6, however if you add the following hack after the attribute: height:auto !important; height: (the min height value); You’ll be able to get it to work, an … Read More

Quick Coding tips: Source formatting

I’ve read a lot of blog posts lately from developers commenting on the messy way Adobe Dreamweaver inserts code into a build, stating its unformatted (nested elements aren’t indented) and not as clean as it would be if the page … Read More