How I deal with IE6

All web developers have to take into consideration Internet Explorer 6 at some point during a build, catering for the browser requires extra development and will therefore increase the time and money spent on a project, which can deter some. … Read More

Attack of the web featured in .net magazine

I’m please to say that this website features in the gallery section of issue 196 of .net magazine, it’s a huge honor as I’m a regular reader of the magazine. So I would like to say thank you to Christian … Read More

Five Typekit invitations to give away!

I’m fortunate enough to come into possession of five free trials to use Typekit before it’s official launch. What is Typekit? Typekit is a new javascript based solution for using non web safe fonts on websites, you create your “kit” … Read More

Doodling on the iPhone

I recently purchased the new iPhone app Autodesk SketchBook Mobile, and as I had a spare five hours on my train trip back from Bristol today I thought I’d have a play. At first found it hard to draw with … Read More

Photo retouching

I recently retouched a child photo of my fiancee for my future mother in law, the results are below: Original Retouched version

New camera

Just purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62 camera, loving the picture quality, thought I’d take a few pictures of Snickers my Russian hamster. Plus it isn’t a blog unless you have some pictures of your pets.

How I use my ems

Firstly what are ems? Ems are a unit of measurement in the field of typography, equal to the point size of the current font. This unit is not defined in terms of any specific typeface, and therefore is the same … Read More

Photoshop piece

I haven’t posted in a while, something which I intend not to make a habit of. So I thought I’d post a piece of work that I completed in Photoshop:

Thoughts on the FOWD in Bristol

Just come back from the FOWD (Future Of Web Design) Tour in Bristol, the event was held in the Watershed which I would describe as a art house cinema, housed along the waterfront in the city center of Bristol. I … Read More

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